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Post-Op Procedures

If you are scheduled for endodontic treatment at Limited to Endodontics, the following information will help you to understand what to expect after your upcoming root canal (post-op) and the steps you should take as you recover.

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Instructions for Treatment

Treatment In Progress

The following instructions are for treatment that has been initiated, but is not yet completed.

    Completed Treatment

    Following the completion of root canal treatment, you must return to your regular dentist to have the temporary filling replaced. Contact your dentist within 2 weeks after of your root canal treatment to book an appointment for your permanent restoration. In the meantime, be sure to follow the instructions below.

    If You Have Had Surgery

    We do all we can to ensure that your recovery period is as uneventful as possible. However, if a question or concern should arise regarding your treatment or medication being taken, please contact our Mississauga endodontics office.

    Following your surgery please be sure to follow the instructions below in order to reduce any pain and discomfort and to help aid recovery.

    After Hours Emergencies

    If you are experiencing any issues after hours, please call us at (905) 601-8393.

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